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For most all skill levels except absolute beginners.  Teams tend to be a mix of experienced players and a few rookies. 
Games are played between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM with teams rotating through the various time slots.
Beginning in December, 2014 this league will have two Division, Advanced and Intermediate.  
Games are played primarily Tuesday evening with an occasional Monday game.
Games are played between 6:30 PM and 10:00 PM with teams rotating through the various time slots.


One of our most popular leagues
with 14 teams per session.  A mimimum of one woman player must be in the game at all times.  Skill levels include advanced players, intermeadiate and entry level beginners.  The emphisis in this league is having fun.  For more about this league, click on the Washington Post logo (left).





FROM 8:00 PM
Free pick-up on Friday evenings is one of the perks for Alexandria In-Line  players.  Because of the popularity, this is for AIHA members only.
Teams play a 10 game season (plus playoffs) with a league fee of $89 per individual player. With over a 90% retention rate and over 500 players, we remain the DC Metro area's most popular roller hockey league.  AIHA is a league, a place to hang out and, most of all, it's fun.  Game on! 

Alexandria In-Line (AIHA) is a lighted, full size outdoor rink and the only "Inside the Beltway" roller hockey facility, conveniently located for DC area, Northern Virginia and Maryland players.  With over 400 adult players, AIHA operates year-round and offers leagues for players of all abilities.  Our rink is conveniently located at the Hammond School, 4646 Seminary Road in Alexandria, two minutes from the I-395 and Seminarry Road intersection.
Teams re-drafted every session.

For Experienced players...
JUST FOR FUN!                                    BIT MORE EXPERIENCED?                      BEEN PLAYING A LONG TIME...
Our Thursday evening CO-ED League
is our most popular league with 14 teams
of all skill levels OR you might consider
our new Monday Draft League 
(See Below).
Consider the Super Sunday League or the Tuesday Night REC League.  These leagues are a bit more competitive .  The Sunday league with 10 teams plays between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM
Looking for a bit more competition? the
Monday Elite League is the place 
for you.Nobody in this league is headed to 
the NHL but if you love the sport, this is 
the league for you!
Welcome to Alexandria In-Line Hockey
At AIHA, we have a league for every skill level...
YES!  I want to help make this new rink posible. Here is my contribution:  
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AIHA, DC Street Hockey or just a friend 
of Alexandria Inline who wants to help...

$100 Contribution to New Rink
$100 Contibution
to New Rink
Contribute any amount via 
PayPal to: bill@mlrh.com
If you skate at the rink, practice or are just feeling particularly generous, you can PayPal any amount to:  bill@mlrh.com



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The  Rink, Boards and Fencing will be a  gift from the Washington Capitals to the City of Alexandria.

We are responsible for
underwriting the cost of
the rink installation.

Click to view rink donors
and make your contribution
All Alexandria Inline & DC Street Hockey Players—

The Washington Capitals and the Riley Rink folks from Canada were at our rink today to look at the site.  They noticed the signs I had put up about raising the money for the site work and the installation costs. Stupidly, I used a picture of the Leesburg rink and the Caps logo without their permission.  As somebody who was in the advertising business for 25 years, I guess I should have known better.

The important fact to understand is that the Washington Capitals are not asking us to raise money for their rink.  But we are responsible for the installation costs.

In other communities, (Leesburg and Loudoun), the county absorbed the cost of the installation.   The Caps donated the rink, floor, etc. and the county did the installation.  Unfortunately, as I have told many of you, that will not happen in Alexandria.  The schools are hard pressed for money and cannot divert funds to build a hockey rink.  

I am on record as telling everyone involved with this project that we will raise the money for the installation.  Most of you remember that we raised $30,000 for the major resurfacing a few year go and this is the same deal.

Additionally, and I know I have said this many times, the Hammond School rink is the
only logical place to have the rink but Bill Raue, Alexandria Inline Hockey or DC
Street Hockey cannot own it.  My guess is that it will become the property of the 
Parks and Rec Department but I am not a part of those conversations.

For the record, let me state one more time, we are not raising one penny for the Washington Capitals.  We are just repaving part of the parking lot, pouring concrete footers to support the proposed rink, electrical work, etc. that we will have to do,

We have waited three years for the city to fix the holes they dug into the paring lot, 
If this is going to happen, we have to make it as painless as possible for the city.

If you have any questions, you know where to find me,